Welcome to Little Maples

At Little Maples we have two simple strands to our childcare philosophy, firstly provide a ‘home from home’ environment for all our children secondly provide a childcare programme tailored to your child’s needs.

All of our team here at Little Maples view our service as an extension of the home, thus creating an environment for the children that is relaxed, friendly and secure.

The childcare programme we have established, promotes optimal development for each child, supports parents, upholds best practices of early childhood education and promote collaborations, which help all children realise their potential.

Building a partnership with our parents is a vital part of our philosophy, so please take time to read each section of our website and feel free to contact us directly for all additional questions. We invite you to view the crèche so that you can experience our ethos and philosophy first hand.

Baby Room

We have designed a nurturing and creative world in which the babies can flourish

Wobbler Room

A tried and tested combination of learning experiences to satisfy their eagerness to learn and explore

Toddler Room

An environment that keeps their fingers busy and their minds engaged and happy


To ensure every day is a great day for your child, staff create activities that combine both learning and fun

If you have a any queries about pre-school or just want a chat about your child's needs, we're happy to help