The Baby Room

We have designed a nurturing and creative world in which the babies can flourish. Our team will work with you to ensure that both you and your child settle into your new environment with ease.

The overall development of the baby is so important at this stage of crèche life, therefore we incorporate activities in the baby room which help to build physical strength and motor coordination with daily experiences that allow infants to practice fine-motor skills, hand/eye coordination, hand and full body movement, and more.

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In addition, language and communication development is most profound during a child’s first three years of life while the brain is developing and maturing. First Words activities help develop skills in an environment rich with sounds, sights, and consistent exposure to speech and language.

Our baby room staff sing, read, and talk to your child to help him or her with this critical development. Age-appropriate activities promote cognitive and social development in a warm, nurturing environment.

Feelings of confidence, pride, trust, friendship, and humour are all part of social-emotional development. Activities promote early social interactions and conversations, help develop facial expressions to communicate, and support self-identity.