In Little Maples, we have adopted a Three Week Menu Plan, this has been is highly recommended by dieticians in the Health Promotion Department.

The menu plan provides a guide for breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks for five days of the week, over a three-week period. At the end of week three we start the menu plan at week one again. This ensures each child receives the recommended number of servings from all food groups each day and that suitable portion sizes are offered.

We offer healthy snacks between meals to meet their higher energy requirements. Children are ready and eager learners, and through our Healthy Eating Program, and as a childcare provider we can seize this opportunity to cultivate in them a healthy interest in good nutrition. All meals and snacks provided will be nutritious and pay due attention to children’s particular dietary requirements.

A HACCP System is implemented within the Crèche. HACCP stands for Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points – meaning anything potentially dangerous in cooking and preparing food have been identified and are monitored accordingly.

If you would like to see a sample menu click here.